Key Benefits Of Psychometric Testing – Reasons Why Companies Use To Hire Candidates

The mental abilities, behavioural style, mental makeup, and personality of the individual or a group are evaluated through the psychological tests. These tests ensure that the best candidate is chosen and given the right job.


Many companies have diverse work culture and people from different work areas working together. When working in a team, it is important to have a similar frame of mind to work towards a common goal. Sometimes, people who form a team might be looking for likeminded people to join regardless of the skills they possess.

How behaviours and personality can affect your job

One of the most common personality traits of creative individuals is that they cannot fit themselves into a 9 to 5 job pattern. They might be inventive and highly efficient. So, once you access this trait in them, you can give them projects that explore their mental capabilities and stamina.

Through these tests you can come to know their true personality regardless of their academic background. For instance, an engineer who has great interpersonal skills and verbal reasoning could be more suitable for marketing technical products instead of creating software products. This is how psychological tests help companies profile individuals for jobs that are suitable to them.

Benefits of these tests

  • The recruitment process becomes fair and accurate by providing them
  • People are happy with their work profiles when recruited through these tests
  • It also reduces time and money in choosing the right candidate for the right job
  • They have proven to produce accurate results than taking interviews alone
  • The tools used to conduct these tests are tried and tested
  • Business needs of the organization are fulfilled by recruits chosen through these tests
  • Even semi skilled works and Directors can be put through these tests
  • The results are based on practical analysis and produce no jargons in results provided
  • A simple glance over the results can provide information about the recruit

Universities and organizations use these tests

Employers are now implementing these tests even to recruit interns. If you approach a professional for career counselling, then you will have to attempt these tests so they get an insight into the kind of career that might suit you. It is the best way of filtering options that are not suitable to you. They give an insight into the strengths and capabilities of an individual.

Even graduates who are appearing for universities abroad can use these tests to make a career choice before choosing an education program. Many universities abroad are now using these tests to assess abilities of their students.

You can prepare for these assessment tests

You can take a psychometric career assessment from an assessment centre. There are different sections, like the reasoning, verbal, logical, numerical, and non verbal reasoning tests in these tests. Based on how the individual scores in each section, the career options are decided.


The accuracy of these tests is high. Relying on these tests can help any individual make a right career decision. If your personality and mental abilities suit the job that you choose, your chances of attaining job satisfaction are high.

What to Do Once You’re Accepted to College

This is the moment high school seniors have been waiting for – receiving their admissions decision in the mail. It’s one of the most stressful ordeals you’ll ever have to go through. But once you’ve opened the anticipated letters of acceptance, what next? This is only the beginning of your journey. There are a number of things you should do once you’ve been accepted into San Francisco State or a similar school.

Don’t React to Quickly

The first thing you want to do is remain calm. You’ve likely applied to more than one college, so you should wait until you receive all of your admissions decisions. This way, you can make a more informed decision about the school you want to attend. You’d be surprised at how many students end up changing their mind by the end of senior year. Maybe you want to go into MSW Online instead. Most colleges allow you to make a final decision by May 1st, so take the time to go over your options more thoroughly.

Determine Your Financial Aid Options

How are you planning to pay for college? If you don’t have a college fund waiting for you, then you need to start making plans to obtain financial aid. Some schools will offer you financial assistance upon acceptance, and if not, you may want to reconsider your options. If you absolutely want to go to that school, then search for scholarships you can apply for meanwhile.

Submit Your Decision

Make sure that you submit your decision to your college of choice by the deadline. You’ll also need to send in your deposit before the deadline, so to secure your spot. If you miss your deadline, then someone else will surely take your spot.

Decide Whether You’ll Live On or Off Campus

Once you’ve decided on the school you want to attend, you need to determine your sleeping arrangements. Are you going to live on campus or stay in an apartment nearby? Make sure your financial aid will cover your living expenses. Or if you plan to work a part-time job, then start surveying the community for potential jobs.

Sign Up for Orientation

Make sure you don’t miss the orientation date for your school of choice. Here, you will be able to register for classes and academic advising. You can also bring along your unofficial AP test scores, if you have them available. This is an excellent time to meet other students and staff members before you begin school in the fall. If you’re unable to attend orientation, then contact the orientation office, so you don’t end up with last registration times. This means you’ll have fewer choices in classes, since most will be filled by this time.

Send Over Required Documents

You’ll need to send over all your documents to the school, including your final official transcript, AP scores and complete IB scores. You can order these scores online, which should be done before summer. Make sure you submit all of your documents by the deadline.

How to Prep for Final Exams in College

Finals week is right around the corner at Hofstra University, what have you done to prepare yourself to pass with flying colors? This is the ultimate test to determine whether you pass a course of flunk it. No one likes the idea of being left behind, so it’s up to you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get your ducks in a row. There are a number of things you can do right now to start preparing to take and pass your upcoming exams. Hopefully, it’s not too late to start putting some of the following tips to good use.

Stop Cramming and Start Studying

Studying isn’t about hitting the books night after night days before the finals. If you really want to get the best results from your studies, then you need to study early on. Don’t wait until the last minute to cram everything in. Doing things this way will only cause fatigue and you can forget about really getting a grip on your materials. The idea of studying is to actually understand what you’re going over, not just committing it to memory.

Let Off Some Steam with Cardio

It’s good to be physically active, especially during stressful times, like right before final exams. Studies show that engaging in 20 minutes of cardio can help boost your memory. There are many ways you can perform cardio, such as by dancing, running, biking, swimming or anything else that causes you to break a sweat. It will also help to minimize your stress levels.

Eat a Diet Rich in Antioxidants

Your diet should be rich in nutrients, including superfoods high in antioxidants, such as blueberries, raspberries, black berries, acai berries and goji berries. Research also shows that you should be eating lots of carbs, fiber and slow-digesting foods, like oatmeal. Make sure that the week before your finals, you’re eating very nutritiously to ensure good performance on exam day.

Study with a Group of Students

Studying with others can be helpful, since you have others to bounce ideas off of. If you don’t understand something, you can also ask others who do get it, rather than guessing or researching on Google. This will cut down your study time tremendously! You can find a study group to join or start your own.

Pay Attention in Classroom

There’s still a lot to learn up until exam day, so make sure you go to class and pay close attention. Take as much notes as you can and if needed, visit the professor after-hours to ask additional questions. If you have a hard time jotting everything down in your notebook, try bringing a recorder to record the lectures. You can listen to them later to perfect your notes.

Get Lots of Sleep

Not just the night before the exams – you need to be well rested every night, so that you can pay attention in class and when you’re studying. You should be getting at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, so plan your days accordingly.

Feeling pressured about upcoming exams at AU Online? Then give these tips a shot!

What You Should Know About Out of State College Tuition

One of the reasons many high school graduates consider going to an out of state college is because the tuition costs can sometimes be lower than going to a school closer to home. This may seem odd since tuition costs for students who stay in-state are typically lower than for someone coming from a different region of the country.

Comparing the costs of in-state vs out of state, students who attend the latter are almost always expected to pay extra. However, there are a variety of programs and financial assistance opportunities for out of state students to take advantage of when they are deciding on which school they wish to attend for the next four years. Once you introduce these financial components into the equation, you may find that heading out of state for school can be a cheaper alternative to attending the local state school that’s closer to home.

Residency Mandates

In order to qualify for in-state tuition rates from state universities, you must be able to prove that you have maintained a residence in that state for a minimum of one year and intend to remain a resident of that state for the foreseeable future. In order to prove your residency status, you will need to show that you have a state driver’s license or identification card, a bank account opened locally, car or voter registration, even some type of proof of employment in the state will suffice. Acceptable forms of proof can be different from state to state but those are the most common that each state requires you have in your possession.

For students who are coming from out of state to attend a college, they can take the necessary steps towards residency in order to qualify for the lower in-state tuition. But unless you can prove residency, you may be subject to the higher rates at those schools that do not offer various programs and incentives to out of state enrollees. If you plan on establishing residency, you may need to take a year off to live out the one-year minimum to qualify. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get started on your education, try online classes with an institution that offers such courses like ACU Online.

Out of State Scholarships

Many schools have scholarships expressly aimed at out of state students, which can help defray the costs of tuition through financial aid. Some schools in particular have become known for their incentive programs with many institutions in New York, Minnesota, and South Dakota offering some of the best discounts on education costs.

They do this as a way to bring in more cultural and ethnic diversity among the student body though these scholarships are not offered exclusively to minorities and international students. So if you’re considering New York University, this may be a smart solution to help you pay for school.

Reciprocity Agreements

These are programs that have been put in place through agreements with various learning institutions in certain regions of the country that offer deep discounts to students who live in eligible states and want to attend these member institutions. The discounts can vary from state to state and school to school, but any students who are interested in taking advantage of these lowered costs should research which programs and exchanges they may qualify for when applying to schools.

Italian Language: Career Opportunities

As a citizen of London one of the best career opportunities for you is to become an Italian language tutor. There are many people who may want to learn Italian for several reasons such as a good job etc. As an Italian tutor in London you can help the people learn the Italian language. As a tutor you can give private tuition lessons and you can also join a proper institute as well. Whatever may be the case, if you are the person who can speak fluent Italian in a native accent, then a fantastic opportunity awaits for you in London.

Some Guidelines: Italian tutor in London

Before you make the decision of starting your career as an Italian tutor, first of all decide what will be your preferred style of teaching. Here by the style of teaching we actually mean are you comfortable as a private tutor or do you want to teach a bunch of students in a group. Though the decision is totally yours however sometimes the terms are also dictated by the students as well, for example some students don’t prefer private tuitions as they think it can get really boring. On the other hand some students prefer group tuitions especially in the case of language learning as in a group people can speak among themselves in the Italian language which enhances the speaking ability, the conversing opportunity in a group setting are more.

There is another unique way of becoming an Italian language tutor and that way is through online teaching. The online methodology has gained a lot of fame in the market due to its feasibility. There are many people who want to learn the Italian language; however they are unable to do so because of their busy life schedule. For these people going for a personal tutor or a language institute is not a feasible option. These people prefer learning online through video conferencing and Skype etc. nowadays there are many websites as well which are being solely built for online studies. Students can connect from several locations on one platform on these sites. As a qualified Italian tutor you can surely cater the online students.

Though both private tuitions and getting employed in a language agency will allow you to make a great career in teaching, however going for private option as an Italian tutor in London will require you to extensively market yourself. Since you are a one man show, you need to make the masses aware that you exist. There are many ways through which you can do marketing. The best medium nowadays is the social media. If you have the capital then you can go for other paid marketing tactics as well such billboards etc. if you can speak good Italian and if you have the necessary certifications, then a great career awaits you. If you are a professional Italian speaker and you have not made up your mind yet, then quickly make the decision.

Continuing Dental Education – More Than a Requirement – A Necessity

Becoming a professional in the medical field requires countless of sleepless, and that does not even assure you getting the license.

Dental education is one of the many programs that anyone interested in becoming a dentist. It can be grueling, but once you get to the end of the tunnel it is rewarding, especially when one reaches the end of the tunnel.

The Commission on Dental Accreditation is the authority when it comes to dental education. There is no dental school or dental educational activities which do not go through them. Everything requires their accreditation.

The commission was established in 1975, and was recognized by the United States Department of Education. It is their responsibility to make sure that the program of every school is up or exceeds standards. In addition, the Department of Education does not have control over anything that they do. Their function is independent and thus whatever they decide is the best for the field will proceed without a hitch. Of course, if someone complains, that is the moment that the Department of Education intervenes. Aside from that, there is no reason for them to get involved.

Included in the areas of dental education that the Commission of Dental Accreditation oversees are the following:
• Dental hygiene
• Dental laboratory technology
• Advanced dental education programs

The last one is specifically for professionals who are already practicing. They need continuing education courses for two purposes: a) For them to be allowed to continue their practice and b) To ensure the safety of their future patients.

Among the reason given regarding the importance of continuing dental education, the second one is the most important. This is because the patient is the most important member of the medical team. They are the focus of everything that the dentist does. You are ensuring their safety by joining such courses by making sure that your knowledge is up to date. There will always be studies which may disprove prior practices. If, as a professional, you do not know about these, you will be liable if anything happens to the patient while applying outdated concepts in your practice. Therefore, if you practice without joining any continuing dental education courses, getting your licenses suspended or revokes is more likely.

That is why it is smart not to be stubborn. It might help you get out of some cases, but in cases where you are truly liable, you can only pray that nothing happens to the patient after your realized that it was a mistake.

In addition, it might be smart if you do not lie to yourself. If you have not enrolled in any continuing education course, then stop practicing until you can complete. The money will come once you become competent enough to practice again. Compare the money that you are going to spend in studying rather than losing everything you worked hard for four years. The consequences of the latter are direr.

Continuing dental education courses have been approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. That is proof enough that it is indeed necessary and very beneficial.

Are Residential Schools Ready for Digital Education?

There have been various researches conducted to understand the changing behavioral patterns of today’s students during the learning process. It has been observed that they are more techno savvy and do not hesitate in operating complex devices like smart phones, ipad, tablets and laptop. They are not interested in the conventional mode of teaching and want to go through digital education instead. Since they are largely exposed to the new age devices, handling becomes quite easy. The Internet speed has improved and launch of 3G and 4Gconnectivity makes communication very fast.

Downloading and uploading big files happen pretty fast.

No wonder boarding schools in Dehradun and other parts of India give tremendous focus on digital education and do not want to be a laggard in offering the latest technology. Not only the conventional ones, but residential schools are also not behind in adopting the modern technology. It is a fact that video-based learning transforms the way education gets imparted to the kids. Audio visual media has immense potential of cognitive learning. Video-based education makes the understanding clear. All modern schools today go for the latest infrastructure and spend a large chunk of budgets for it. Video lessons keep them engaged in the process of understanding concepts.

Educational sector in India and other Asian countries have seen colossal development in the number of institutes and students in the last three decades. Government has worked on policies and functions to make education useful in the practical life. Use of Information Technology has been highlighted for effective teaching. Residential schools in India have always maintained progressiveness and the same trend continues in adopting digital education as well. Hi-tech computer labs, IT enabled classrooms and audio-visual lessons have become an integral part of education. Not only academics, but administrative responsibilities like conducting exams and managing schools are being managed through computerized systems.

Central and state education boards have realized the vitality of IT in the education system. Therefore, Computers have become a part of a curriculum since primary standards. Other than teaching theoretical aspects, there has been a stress over practical learning and application oriented training. Top boarding school in India is also following the same lines. With ultra-modern labs and advanced curriculum, they are providing the best exposure to students. Since boarding schools offer an opportunity to spend time in computer labs after regular academic hours, the learning curve goes high. Virtual classrooms explain the topic according to individual learning pace. Boys boarding schools have been forced to follow the new age methodology and use this content for teaching complicated subjects. Some institutes are adopting ERP systems to manage the administrative part. There has been a phenomenal increase in the software development of educational modules. Definitely these programs don’t replace the traditional student-teacher model. ON the other hand, they become a helping hand for the teachers. It is possible to train complicated concepts or intricate topics through audio video illustrations, animation, and computer graphics. Ever-increasing demand gives a boost to development market in India. It is a win-win situation for IT and education sectors.

Online Education in India

Online education has become an awesome option and the growing awareness of various online courses is enticing more and more students to opt for this mode of education. The reason behind pursuing studies through an online medium is different for each one; some do it to up-skill themselves while others do it to gain authorization from renowned universities worldwide in order to build better qualifications from the convenience of their home. It is also a more cost effective and affordable form of education.

It is observed that earlier there was not much admiration being given to online degrees and instead, there was a lot of disbelief and doubt around the dependability of the course. However, this opinion is now changing as students who have underwent some sort of education online, have gone into the industry and proven their skill set. Now, students are opting for online learning as a preferred medium to educating themselves. The online education enrolment rate is growing quickly and the reason for this wonderful rise can be attributed to the technological advancements in terms of Internet services, software and devices for information viewing and consumption. The technology boom is seen in terms of the latest tools being used to impart education – digital whiteboards, virtual classrooms, text chats, animation and the like are some popular tools of this generation.

Another reason rising to the success of online education is the preference of the students to learn at their own pace. Additionally, for people who have inconsistent working hours, the first choice for the online medium of education rises as they feel contented in pursuing a degree of their own choice at their own pace.

However, online education in the market are not only offering interesting courses, but also provide unique services like telephonic support, online chat, networking forums and communication platforms to enhance the level of learning.

Also, as today, a lot of youngsters possess sound understanding about social media and this enables them to maintain an active social life beyond the classroom too. This aspect in a way helps students to easily adjust to the culture of virtual learning and also pursue it naturally, as a part of their lifestyle.

Online education already seems to be absorbing the Indian education scenario as many students and professionals are enjoying the benefits of learning at their own pace. This creates less stress and less comparison in their minds thereby keeping their confidence levels intact. The flexibility which this mode offers makes it almost incomparable to the traditional ways of learning.

To sum it up, it can be rightly said that no element of learning can ever be labeled as €perfect€. Rather it is the changing times that dictate the new patterns of learning.

Expanding Your Education

Are you exploring your continuing education options? Are you looking for a university that will provide you with the academic foundation that you need to be successful in your chosen career path? In addition to receiving a high quality education, are you also interested in enjoying a rich and diverse student life? Are you of the Christian faith and are you looking for an institution that will provide you with the opportunity to further your faith?

If all of these questions apply to you, than look no further than Washington Adventist University. As an academic institution that offers a wide range of programs of studies, a very diverse and rich student body, exceptional activities for students to participate in and a strong foundation in the Christian faith, this university will meet all of your expectations, and then some.

About Washington Adventist University

Washington Adventist University is located in Takoma Park, Maryland. It was founded in 1904 as a coeducational institution that originally was called The Washington Training Institute. Today, it is a regionally accredited university that has received complete approval to operate and educate in the State of Maryland. The mission of this academic university is to promote an exceptional culture that adheres to the beliefs and morals of the Christian faith while providing the best possible education.
There are three schools within WAU: The School of Arts and Social Sciences, The School of Graduate and Professional Studies and The School of Health Professions, Science and Wellness. So, whether you are interested in becoming an educator, a nurse or a journalist, you will be able to find a degree program for you.

This academic institution is reasonably priced, compared to other schools that offer the same caliper of education. They also provide a number of financial assistance options so that you can turn your dream of earning a degree in your chosen field into a reality.

Programs of Study

The Washington Adventist University offers several programs of study that fall within the three distinct schools. Some of the program options include:

* Undergraduate Program
* Biology
* Business
* Chemistry
* Communication and Journalism
* Computer Science
* Education
* English and Modern Languages
* Computer Science
* History and Political Studies
* Mathematics
* Nursing
* Medical Laboratory Science
* Social Work
* Respiratory Care
* Graduate
* Business Administration
* Health Care Administration
* Nursing Education
* Counseling Psychology
* Nursing and Business Leadership
* Psychology
* Religion
* Public Administration
* Professional Studies
* Business Administration (BS)
* Information Systems (BS)
* Health Care Administration (BS)
* Organizational Management (BS)
* Nursing/Excel (BS in Nursing for Rns)
* Early Childhood Education/Special Education (BA)
* Counseling Psychology (BS)
* Associate in General Studies

Student Life
When you enroll at Washington Adventist University, not only will you enjoy a rich education, but you will also experience a very rich and fulfilling student life. The school has received recognition for offer students a multicultural campus experience. In fact, US New and World Report rated WAU as one of the most diverse educational institutions in the country. The student body is made up of people form 40 states and 47 countries. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with a diverse culture, expand your spiritual life, participate in athletics and you’ll also have the added benefit of being within close proximity to the nation’s capital, where you can gain even more education, experience and enrichment.